kinky I sweat is a lifestyle--a peek inside the daily musings that shape Alicia Archer.  Welcome to a world where fitness and function are infused with beauty and style, paving a life that yields self worth and empowerment through love and dedication.  Explore a life full of bronzer, coily poofs, sweaty smiles, and gravity-defying shapes.

No stranger to hard work and persistent discipline and practice, Alicia grew up dancing and acquired her B.F.A. In Dance from Fordham University/The Ailey School.  When performing became unfeasible, she earned her way from being a greeter and Front Desk Associate at Equinox to becoming one of their most coveted and sought out instructors.  Boasting a heavy schedule of at least 15 classes per week, Alicia motivates and encourages her fitness entourage in barre, Deep EXtreme, bodyART, and flexibility across the city.  Between classes, Alicia devotes herself and her body to pushing the limits and exploring her strength and flexibility.

 Showing up with smile is key, but showing up with hair and makeup that makes you smile on the inside radiates pure joy.  Alicia learned the importance of recognizing one’s inner beauty and how this can affect every aspect of your life.  It was through exploring her love for makeup, and learning to perfect those makeup skills that she was able to acquire this vital and special trait.  Learning how to make your inner beauty glow via make up artistry has become one of Alicia’s greatest strengths.

Alicia is excited to share her journey with you; dedicate yourself to creating a beautiful life you deserve.