Probably one of the most anticipated launches of 2017!!! When word got out that Rihanna was coming out with a makeup line...HYSTERIA!

I fell into the celebrity hype a few times, (purchased Kylie cosmetics *COUGH COUGH*).  After being disappointed, I decided to give the famous makeup a rest.  Peeping the Fenty Beauty news on Instagram, I instantly forgot about my decision to stop buying celebrity brands.  

Rihanna leaked a highlighter that was pure gold.  And soon after, foundation shades.  SEVERAL FOUNDATION SHADES.  It was the fact that a brand new makeup line was launching with 40 shades, that people were going through the roof with excitement.  Cool undertones, olive undertones, warm undertones, all the undertones! Rihanna made sure to hit every part of the skin shade spectrum-- from the palest to the darkest. And low and behold, the majority of deeper shades are sold out in most Sephora stores.  Not only in her Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation, but in her Matchstix Foundation line as well.  I bought a couple of things 😅 and here is a full blown first impressions 👇🏾

Fenty Beauty Info 👉🏾 1:22
Unboxing starts at 👉🏾 3:57
Match Stix Swatches 👉🏾 7:24
Highlighter Swatches 👉🏾 13:32
Gloss Swatch 👉🏾 15:39
Primer Demo 👉🏾 16:25
Soft Focus Foundation Demo 👉🏾 17:20
Match Stix Demo 👉🏾 19:33
Highlighter Demo 👉🏾 24:55
Match Stix as foundation demo 👉🏾 28:13
How the soft matte looks after 4 hours 👉🏾 31:32

I played with the products for a week or so, and figured out how to get the best results from them.  I purchased a second shade, because I thought #360 was too olive on its own.  The yellow undertone from #330 balanced it out, and I didn't look as green.  I also combined "Metal Moon" and "Trophy Wife", which gave me a more user friendly highlight for everyday.  "Trophy Wife" on its own with my skin tone made me look like I was in a trophy case! Check out how I apply Fenty Beauty 2nd time around 


The first time I saw an Anti-Haul video, I felt guilty.  I felt guilty for buying a ton of makeup.  Not only that, but falling for the overly tempting advertisements!

The beauty industry has turned into a multi-billion dollar monster, and it's not going to step on the breaks anytime soon.  Instagram posts, brand trips, and YouTube videos galore add to the overwhelming exposure of beauty products.  The email headers have become quite hilarious, "THIS will definitely sell out!", "You won't want to miss this sale!", "LIMITED EDITION!" Are you kidding me?! These brands want you to give them all your money. They don't care if you're in crazy credit card debt, because you know why? YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!

I'll be the first to admit that I am a cosmetic whore.  I could open my own little beauty boutique. After seeing anti-haul vids, I finally realized that the spending needs to slow down.  I thank the beautiful Kimberly Clark for starting this trend, and shedding light on consumerism.

It's tough as an aspiring beauty blogger.  I can't buy every new product that launches.  I do, however, want to help viewers decide if they want to buy something or not.  I'm going to meet myself halfway, and film with products that I already have.  Kimberly inspired me to start my own Anti-Haul series!  Click below to see my most recent video 👇🏾


You don't know how many times I saw this product circulating around the curl community.  It won best product awards on Naturallycurly.com, and I was curious as to why.  The texture was watery, but transformed frizz into slick spirals...HOW?!

In a previous video, I tested Curl Keeper's Styling Cream and Gel.  I was pleased with the cream's texture--it was smooth and detangled my hair in a flash! It made finger raking a breeze.  The gel, however...WOOF! It left a rough texture on my hair, and the flake factor was terribly high.  My coils did not feel soft, and I wanted to wash it out the minute it dried.  You can see the video here 👇🏾

I discovered that I did not, in fact, purchase the Original formula.  Apparently, that was the one that everyone was raving about.  I traveled back to Ricky's NYC, and purchased a bottle of this magic elixir.  I am pleased to say that the Original formula worked out much better than the gel.  I feel that my hair could've used more moisture, and I applied Curl Keeper's Styling Cream first. See my demo and results here 👇🏾


Many of my students express their frustration with wrist pain.  Often times we assume that traditional exercises like planks and push-ups shouldn't be the reason for it.  The reality is that our lifestyles are very device heavy-- using our phones and typing for long periods of time on keyboards can wreak havoc on our wrist structure.  When we go into flexion heavy positions such as planks without warming up, it can cause discomfort.  

In this video, I break down several mobility and flexibility exercises for the wrists that can be used as a warm-up, as well as routine for daily pain relief.  Take a look 


Who is always on the hunt for the Holy Grail Gel?!  I've tried a ton, and some were winners, others are still sitting in my cabinet.  Curl Junkie's Curl Queen Gel definitely will not live its life behind closed doors! It's lightweight texture and fresh scent make it the ultimate summer gel--it dries down to a soft, shiny cast that doesn't flake and leaves hair super soft.  If you're a hardcore gel wearer, you might find this formula to be on the lighter side.  Know that your hair will shrink a bit, but will still have lovely curl definition.  Here's how it looks when dried 75%


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