You don't know how many times I saw this product circulating around the curl community.  It won best product awards on, and I was curious as to why.  The texture was watery, but transformed frizz into slick spirals...HOW?!

In a previous video, I tested Curl Keeper's Styling Cream and Gel.  I was pleased with the cream's texture--it was smooth and detangled my hair in a flash! It made finger raking a breeze.  The gel, however...WOOF! It left a rough texture on my hair, and the flake factor was terribly high.  My coils did not feel soft, and I wanted to wash it out the minute it dried.  You can see the video here 👇🏾

I discovered that I did not, in fact, purchase the Original formula.  Apparently, that was the one that everyone was raving about.  I traveled back to Ricky's NYC, and purchased a bottle of this magic elixir.  I am pleased to say that the Original formula worked out much better than the gel.  I feel that my hair could've used more moisture, and I applied Curl Keeper's Styling Cream first. See my demo and results here 👇🏾